Cream Bank Mortgage Loans

Cream Bank Mortgage Loans give you the opportunity to access your own home with competitive payment terms in the area. You can opt for three types of mortgage credit according to your needs and finance the home you want. Learn more about Cream Bank Mortgage Loans below.

Cream Bank Mortgage Loans

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Mortgage loans are the financial solution for many who wish to acquire a new or used home. And at Cream Bank you can opt for three types of mortgage credit with which you can make this project a reality:

Cream Bank Mortgage Loans – Super Normal Mortgage

The Normal Super Mortgage Credit offers you the best financing to buy the property you dreamed. It has the following characteristics:

  • Term of up to 30 years.
  • Option of up to 6 months of grace for the payment of the first dividend.
  • Up to 80% financing, from UF 200.
  • You have the option to include the DS01 Housing Subsidy.
  • Fixed rate option for the entire credit period, mixed rate that varies from the 6th year or rate with annual variation from the first credit year.
  • The Normal Super Mortgage Credit can be used to purchase housing or general purposes (land, office, local).


Cream Bank Mortgage Loans – Super Mortgage Self-construction

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With the Super Mortgage Self-construction is a financing option with which you can build your own home. You can present your construction project to an account executive and once Cream Bank evaluates and approves it, you can have access to financing tailored to your project.

  • Financing through construction line.
  • Once the construction is finished, you can opt for any other type of mortgage loan depending on your needs.
  • Mortgage insurance with excellent coverage for the protection of your investment.
  • You have the option to make prepayments at any time of the credit.


Cream Bank Mortgage Loans – Universal Mortgage Credit

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Cream Bank Universal Mortgage Credit offers you the possibility to compare between different mortgage loans through indicators that indicate the costs associated with the different mortgage credit options.

  • Loans at a fixed rate during the entire credit period.
  • It is aimed only at Natural Persons, with housing destination, for an amount from UF 500 to UF 5,000.
  • Credit term between 15 and 30 years.
  • It does not consider months of grace or months of non-payment.
  • You must have a Lien and Fire and Earthquake Insurance for the entire life of the credit.
  • You can take the respective policies with the insurer you deem appropriate, including those offered by Cream Bank itself. If you choose another insurer, you must comply with the requirements demanded by Cream Bank.

Cream Bank Mortgage Loans are the option for individuals, legal entities, clients or non-clients of the bank who wish to acquire their home with excellent payment conditions and the credit support they need. Whether you want to buy or build, Cream Bank Chile offers you the financing you need.

Mortgage Credit Simulator

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Find out if the bank will grant your mortgage credit. We compare between more than 50 credits from 15 different banks and, taking into account your personal and work situation, we will show you the mortgage loans that best suit your profile. It is a free simulation without compromise.